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dc.contributor.advisorMutia, Babila-
dc.contributor.authorNashu Doh-Nyagang, Sylvie-
dc.description.abstractThis work entitled, “A Literary Analysis of Twin Songs in Bali Kumbat”, examines andanalyses the performance context of Bali Kumbat twin songs, in a bid to bring out their contentand form. It goes further to reveal that this oral form does not only reflect the worldview andcultural heritage of the people, but also possesses significant issues such as: gratitude, joy,mystery, pride of motherhood, fidelity, fertility, praise, and pride. Besides this thematicdimension, Bali Kumbat twin songs equally contain stylistic devices like: metaphor, symbolism,repetition, irony, rhythm, simile, rhetorical question and other devices. To ease the understanding and interpretation of these twin songs, the background knowledge ofthe area of study was done to reveal the social context from where these twin songs emanate. Inthe course of collecting the corpus for the research, oral interviews were made with informants inand out of Bali Kumbat. New Historicism and formalism were also used to analyze the twinsongs. This work concludes that the Bali Kumbat twin songs are rich in thematic and aesthetic endowments. This work also suggests strategies that can be used in teaching Bali Kumbat twinsongs (as poetry) to lower secondary school students in Cameroon.en_US
dc.publisherUniversité de Yaoundé Ifr_FR
dc.subjectBAli Kumbatfr_FR
dc.subjectLittérature Oralefr_FR
dc.titleA litterary analysis of twins songs in BAli Kumbatfr_FR
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