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Titre: Contribution à l’insonorisation acoustique des parois d’une salle machines: Cas de la centrale thermique de Mbalmayo.
Auteur(s): Enaba, Jules-Bertrand
Directeur(s): Beguide Bonoma
Mots-clés: Noise
Sound attenuation
Sound pressure level
Sound power level
Equivalent pressure level
Date de publication: 2016
Editeur: Université de Yaoundé I
Résumé: In a world resolutely turned rapid towards rapid industrialization and no limit is imposed, the fight against noise generated by all the various activities has always been the subject of several research activities both theoretically and practically. It is in this register that fits work which aims to offer a contribution to the mitigation of noise coming from the room of the power station MBALMAYO. To achieve the desired goal we will carry out assessment of noise levels following two approaches: an experimental approach of measuring the sound levels in the CTM website using the sound level meter and at different positions; a second digital approach is used in which the characteristics of the sound sources to assess these noise levels to finally realize a comparison of the results of these two approaches. The main results show that sound pressure levels and sound power levels decrease with the distance of source when we go away from sources. Another important result is the sound levels are greatly reduced for high frequencies when the operate simultaneously. It equally from this study that any action taken with a view to sound proof CTM must rely on two levers that are on one hand the characteristics of the engines, but also the distance between the homes of the central and the highway contribution must be taken in account for this evaluation.
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