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Titre: Mise en valeur des potentialités touristiques et développement local à Bafang et Bana (Ouest-Cameroun).
Auteur(s): Djomdjui, Christian
Directeur(s): Tchawa, Paul
Mots-clés: Tourism
Touristic potentials
Local development
Date de publication: 2016
Editeur: Université de Yaoundé I
Résumé: Since 1960, Cameroon attempts to take control of the development of tourism. The failure of these numerous attempts lies in the fixing of the development of the activity on some old tourist spaces. Yet, many of the resources remain dormant in spaces very little explored in the sector. As such, tourism is reserved to a small handful of privileged successors with the means of their policy. To compensate for this, the State, through the MINTOUL undertakes with the local actors the valorization of local touristic potential. The present study responds to the problem of the under-valorisation of tourist potentials observed in the districts of Bafang and Bana. On the basis of cultural specificities, of its artistic heritage, the captivating waterfalls and the beauty of its landscape, we evaluated the tourism potentials of Bafang and Bana councils. According to this inventory, there are two families of touristic potentials. They are: the natural potentials and the cultural potentials. The methodological basis of this research is the hypothetico-deductive method coupled with a systemic approach for the analysis of roles of actors in the space Bafang and Bana. The gathering of data on the ground has been done with several methods: questionnaires, interview guides, photographs. The analysis of these data permitted us to draw maps and produce statistical tables. Taking into account the touristic potentials identified and the additional actors in charge of valorising them, it is clear that the region of Bafang and Bana distinguishes itself with a real resource that can boost their local development. However, the under exploitation of these resources is related to the low initiatives, the lack of synergies and lack of funding for local actors. The supports of the development partners, the definition of local policies for the valuations and a multi -actors will promote the effective recovery. This will thus foster the socio -economic development, increase tax and diversify sources of revenue.
Pagination / Nombre de pages: 155
URI/URL: https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12177/5316
Collection(s) :Mémoires soutenus

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