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Titre: Outil d’aide a l’apprentissage d'un cours de géométrie en classe de 3e de l'enseignement secondaire général au Cameroun
Auteur(s): Bouyogo Mpegna, Pascal Geoffroy
Directeur(s): Fouda Ndjodo, Marcel
Mots-clés: Ict
Methods of teaching
Teaching software
Pyramids and cones
Date de publication: 2016
Editeur: Université de Yaoundé I
Résumé: The ubiquity of the ICT in our environment is more and more remarkable and their indispensable use in all domains. The young being captivated by these tools and the idea is to reconsider methods of teaching while taking account of these technological tools for the training of these. It is while considering these aspects that we opted for the design and the realization of a teaching software for the training of the course on pyramids and cones in classes of 3e of the general secondary teaching. To arrive there a survey has been managed to pupils of the class of 3e, all sets confounded of the Bilingual High school of Mimboman and interviews have been led with their teachers to disclose the met difficulties and to justify the relevance of our study. Thereafter the analysis, the design and the realization of this teaching software have been done according to this population targets. Is followed himself an assessment that permitted us to have results concerning qualities ergonomic and educational of this help tool of it.
Pagination / Nombre de pages: 79
URI/URL: https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12177/4266
Collection(s) :Mémoires soutenus

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